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experimental furniture

Brew Doom V2
Design, Fabrication

Bar SK is a concept bar on Smith street in Fitzroy where the owners combined their passion for local craft beers with homemade video games.

Every few weeks new games are developed along with original game controller hardware which allows patrons to play the games in the bar.

My contribution was a ‘refined’ carbon copy of a DIY controller that one of the owners, Louie had built in 2019 for a modified version of Doom entitled Brew Doom

Collaboration with Bar SK

Tensioned Bench
Design, Fabrication

As part Melbourne Design Week 2020 Studio Edwards organised a group show entitled Alt.Material. 27 artists were invited to respond to the theme of Ducility by producing experimental furniture pieces.

My entry was made from threaded rods and two boards of formply; a bench made from an assembly of common construction materials.

Tension was applied to the bottom shelf, which added rigidity to the structure and created a natural bow in the seat and a surprisingly comfortable surface to sit on.

Photography by Josh Bejan

Four Pillars Gin
Design, Fabrication

The design and fabrication of display stands for Four Pillars Gin at Myer in Melbourne, Chadstone and Sydney locations.

The objective for 2019 was designing a low impact solution with a focus on sustainability. The design is primarily composed of curved black cardboard tubing structures manufactured from recycled paper.

The timber tops and floating shelves were made from reclaimed pallets from the Four Pillars distillery in Healesville and the forescolor panelling (an FSC certified product) was repurposed from the 2018 Myer event.

Photography by Northside Studio Shortlist Australian Interior Design Awards 2020

Design, Fabrication

Retail fixtures and joinery from a project that I completed in 2016 were reinstated for use in a new stationary shop at Melbourne airport.

It is great to see that my core value of good design x quality materials transcends time and even different brands by continuing to serve a purpose rather than ending up in landfill.

The fit for a stationary shop is perfect: the folded panels which originally suggested movement now seemingly allude to the pages of a notebook.

Commendations to the team from The Practical Man and Milligram for making this happen.

Photography courtesey of Milligram

5 tyrone street, north melbourne