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Tiles and Timber
Design, Fabrication

Shop additions for a hair salon on Lonsdale street in Melbourne.

Tall mirrors, wall mounted shelves and a pair of counters were retrofitted to the existing space.

The pair of counters feature tiled faces and timber frames with three-way mitres with integral mortise and tenon joints.

The glue-up process for the timber frames were quite a challenge as every joint had to simultaneously pull towards each other.

Eight Breaks Chair
Design, Fabrication

An experiment in break and fix woodworking.

Three pieces of wood were clamped to levers and intentionally broken at eight locations.

The broken joints were filled with epoxy resin, which keyed in to the fibers of the severed wood to form very strong joints.

Numerous pieces of wood were broken during the experimentation phase of trial and error.

Exhibited at Double Take in Wood

Folds and Gaps
Design, Fabrication

A wall nook with four rows of folded panels seperated by linear lighting.

The gaps allow for shelves to be inserted at any location, offering flexibility in displaying various products.

Light qualities in the space change depending on the number and positions of shelves used.

5 tyrone street, north melbourne